Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Amanda Todd- By Yifan & Jonathan

Amanda Todd
She had few friends
Mainly god
Her friends became bullies
Thought of her different
Still didn’t like her when they saw she was slippin
From the world
Lost like a pirate that just set, sail
Lost in the ocean
No motion
No real friends that showed devotion
She was cursed
Tried to change schools but things became worse
Stomach aches made her belly burst
From drinking bleach
Barely even able to speak
People laughed
Said she deserved it
Knowing that Amanda had drank it on purpose
When Amanda knew things weren’t fine
She made a video and posted online
Paper cards explained her life
On how she had a really big strife
Committed suicide
All because of that one guy
That showed her boobs on the web
Turned her life into sudden death

After her death people did care
Except for those few but now
That’s rare.